Execute Cookie… FAIL

Into every good chef’s life, a little cookie must crumble… No matter how much you love cooking and no matter how much you feel at home in the kitchen, you’re bound to mess up sometime. Luckily, the results are usually still edible if not always visually appealing  (unless you mix up baking powder and baking soda. A flat, salty brick will usually result. Ew.).

Pile 'o cookie dough. Pretty, no. Tasty, yes!

Take this lump of dough that’s supposed to be chocolate cranberry cookies (one of my next posts if I’m successful at fixing this mess that was supposed to be tonight’s surprise dessert). It looks pretty awful, but tastes great if you can get past eating cookies with a spoon.

The key to kitchen catastrophes is to figure out what went wrong. In my case, I’m fairly sure that I was so busy dancing around the kitchen collecting ingredients and blindly mixing dry ingredients together (including the sugar), that I didn’t follow the instructions which specified to cream the sugar in with the wet ingredients. This forced me to mix the crap out of my batter, which then resulted in what you see above: a gigantic, gooey, amorphous mass of cooked cookie dough. Not pretty.

As my good friend B stated matter-of-factly when I showed her my culinary failure: “well yeah… you cream the sugar and butter together for cookies, mix the sugar in with the dry ingredients for cakes, and cut the butter in with the flour until it’s pea-sized for pies (lil’ vegan: and scones!).” Ah if only I had known this rule 24 hours earlier…

Anyway, lesson learned: I will pay more attention to recipes in future, especially when it comes to baked goods! But the important thing here is that nothing was wasted, I had a great time making it, and we’re still having a mighty good time eating my failure. Life is good.


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  1. Barbara says:

    Sorry my advice was late! But I *did* learn these rules by doing lots of errors first if that makes you feel better! (My first pie when I was around 13 called for shortening.. I didn’t know what it was so I just left it out – the result was a brick!) Also, both D and I though that they were very very tasty – looks aren’t everything :S

  2. lil' vegan says:

    Thanks B, but I fear these cookies are cursed. I’ve now tried them THREE times and each time a different kind of “cookie” has emerged, each more delicious than the next, but not exactly what you would call a cookie. At least everyone I’ve given a “cookie” to has raved about it, which is why I’m now determined more than ever. One more try… If this iteration fails, well, I’m throwing in the towel and turning them into squares!

    p.s. This is why I’ve been slower than usual with new recipes… These cookies are my Moriarty!

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